Monday, 15 December 2008

Speakers Needed

We are making slots available at each of our 2009 networking breakfasts and are inviting members to make presentations (from 10 to 30 minutes) on specific subjects which may be of interest to local businesses.

If you would like to take part - please consider the following questions

1. In a sentence, what is your area of expertise?
2. Why is your topic of particular interest and relevance to chamber Members today?
3. Your marketplace, - are you the first in your field, the only person in your field or one of many?
4. Why you, how does your approach differ from others
5. If we gave you a speaker session, what would your title and objectives be?
6. By the end of your session what will members have acquired and what would you expect them to do as a result of your session?

If you can answer all these questions then please give Caroline a ring to discuss further.

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't immediately see how to contact Caroline, so adding my details here:

1. Expertise is in quality assurance - but based around process management. Main area is in the field of assisted reproductive technologies (ART).
2. I would have thought quality assurance is of importance to everyone. But this seems to be neglected by most.
3. We are leaders in the ART quality arena, and have several innovations.
4. We have a unique approach that makes delivery sensible - but which no competitor seems to spot - so we are unique (though not unique in a field).
5. Can supply several titles - how about "Process and labelling as an approach to biological (or other) quality control."
6. Hopefully your members would have a basic introduction to process management (and may be interested in implementing this). They may become more aware of issues of quality delivery and risk. They might be interested in looking at technological approaches to quality delivery.

My name is Peter Parker
My email address is
My mobile is 07973-285 736