Thursday, 14 January 2010

Lydd Airport - What's all the fuss about ?

Channel Chamber of Commerce has received an invitation from Lydd Airport managing director Jonathan Gordon to visit the site on the afternoon of their next Open evening – Thursday 18th February, specifically to give local businesses the opportunity to get a first-hand view of the environmental issues facing the airport’s planning application.
Jonathan tells the Chamber “There has been a tremendous amount of misinformation spread about the environmental issues here and I would urge anyone who has not visited the airport to come along and find out for themselves just what our investment proposals involve. By doing so they will see that our development plans are right for this airport and right for the people of Shepway.”
Channel Chamber is now inviting members and other local business people to the Airport Terminal - 3.30pm on Thursday 18th February when they will make a short inspection tour of the 'pebbled' area that appears to be the main stumbling block to both the Airport's expansion and the building of the new Nuclear Power Station.
The group will return to the Terminal within the hour for some refreshments and a short presentation from Jonathan Gordon. .
Phil Carter, chairman of the Shepway Economic Regeneration Partnership (SERP) forthrightly sums the situation up as a
“Its time to chose: The Pebbles and the leaches/newts OR the People and the jobs/economy/regeneration. If the small number of objectors to the airport, and possible power station plans, have their way on behalf of the pebbles and newts, I hope they can face the youngsters leaving local schools, and explain why there are no jobs or prospects enabling them to stay living on Romney Marsh".
Businesses wishing to attend should contact Peter Hobbs,CEO at Channel Chamber on 01303 270022.

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